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    1. Plagiarizing principal and Shakespeare?
      Mon Feb 12 00:48:00 2018
      The bottom line for a penalty for plagiarizing a graduation speech: a fine and compulsory attendance at a creative writing course: The state this month ordered former principal Mark Stenner to pay a 750 fine and take a college-level course on c[...]
    2. The Fundamental Components of a Car Sharing Business
      Sun Feb 11 20:30:27 2018
      Car sharing is hot right now. In fact, the car sharing business is so hot that many car manufacturers are afraid that the traditional model of car ownership is about to collapse. Between 2010 and 2015, the total annual revenue for car sharing busine[...]
    3. Happy National Inventors Day 2018!
      Sun Feb 11 12:18:43 2018
      Per Wikipedia: In recognition of the enormous contribution inventors make to the nation and the world, the Congress, pursuant to Senate Joint Resolution 140 Public Law 97 198, has designated February 11, the anniversary of the birth of the [...]
    4. CBS Sunday Morning on 11 Feb 2018 does crash dummy inventor Sam Alderson
      Sun Feb 11 08:03:00 2018
      In its almanac feature on February 11, Sunday Morning profiled Samuel W. Alderson, who died February 11, 2005 at age 90. Aldersons father owned a sheet metal shop, which vocation would play a role in Aldersons development. Alderson studied for a Ph[...]
    5. Mixed outcome at CAFC in Polaris Indistries v. Arctic Cat
      Sat Feb 10 23:33:00 2018
      The outcome of Polaris v. Arctic: For the foregoing reasons, we affirm the Boards determination in the 1427 Decision that claims 116, 2033, and 35 of the 405 patent are unpatentable as obvious. We vacate the Boards obviousness determination [...]
    6. Presenting on Intellectual Property Law to the Inventors Association of Metropolitan Detroit February 15, 2018.
      Sat Feb 10 15:21:04 2018
      Originally posted on Anticipate This! &124; Patent and Trademark Law Blog : The Inventors Association is a non-for-profit association established to educate inventors of all levels to navigate through the inventing process. In addition to being [...]
    7. Influencers and undisclosed sponsored activities: where do we stand?
      Sat Feb 10 11:32:00 2018
      Suppose that you met someone who tells you about a great product. That person tells you that the product has fantastic new features that no other produc[...]
    8. 4 Essential Things That Your Business Cant Afford Not to Have
      Thu Feb 8 20:23:08 2018
      When you first start your business, the idea of conservative money management may seem to be something of an abstraction. Its only when you experience the negative ramifications of spending more than you earn andthe resultant cash flow crises that [...]
    9. 7 Tools to Skyrocket Your Instagram Marketing
      Thu Feb 8 20:21:36 2018
      With the growing presence of the Internet in our lives, the demand for fresh and entertaining content is always on the rise. Businesses attempting to overcome their competitors are constantly encountering growing pressures to win over larger audienc[...]
    10. Things You Need to Plan Ahead and Be Prepared For
      Thu Feb 8 18:46:38 2018
      Life often sneaks up on us. Out of nowhere, things change, plans go flying out the window, and the life path we thought we were on switches to something else. In short, its not easy to always be prepared for whatever life throws at us. It can seem w[...]

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