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    1. Federal Circuit Reverses in Part Damages Verdict, for Failure to Apportion
      Wed Jan 10 14:04:00 2018
      In a precedential opinion published this morning, Finjan, Inc. v. Blue Coat Systems, Inc. , the Federal Circuit affirmed in part and reversed in part a judgment in favor of the patent owner.  The author of the opinion is Judge Dyk, joined by[...]
    2. Patent Reform Advocate, Congressman Darrell Issa, Will Not Seek Re-election -
      Wed Jan 10 11:46:24 2018
    3. When two minds became one at least for a while: the collaborative genius of Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky
      Wed Jan 10 07:14:00 2018
      Can there be an IP subject more elusive than joint creation or invention? One need only consider the recent blog post by fellow Kat Mathilde Pavis Claim of joint author[...]
    4. Following the Map of the Customer Journey to Business Success
      Tue Jan 9 20:53:10 2018
      A marketing tool called the "customer journey map" is coming into vogue. This new tool solves some of the marketing mysteries that have bedeviled companies for years. Essentially, it shows how well marketers are doing with customers at every step of[...]
    5. The Importance of Providing Perks for Your Employees
      Tue Jan 9 20:50:33 2018
      Just as important as choosing great employees is the ability to lure them into the fold. And, once employed, small business owners must then find a way to keep their best employees at the company for as long as possible. This is not an easy task. Ot[...]
    6. Elevate Addiction Services Uses SMART Approach to Help Workers End Opioid Dependency
      Tue Jan 9 20:48:17 2018
      Its clear to most observers that substance abuse problems in the work environment are a critical issue for both entrepreneurs and workers. The challenge, however, lies in the creation of drug rehabilitation programs and other addiction services. At[...]
    7. Post at Politico on Alex Azar highlights possible line of questioning of HHS nominee
      Tue Jan 9 19:02:00 2018
      The post at Politico begins The drugmaker Lilly, employer of Azar believed the erectile dysfunction drug Cialis might help a rare and deadly muscle-wasting disease that afflicts boys. The drug didnt work but under a law that promotes pedi[...]
    8. PTAB cites 37 CFR 11.802a in St. Regis Mohawk. Contemplate history of ABA Model Rule 8.2
      Tue Jan 9 18:43:00 2018
      The PatentDocs blog includes the PTAB decision in Mylan v. St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Paper 124 Entered: January 4, 2018. ORDER Denying Request for Oral Hearing and Denying Renewed Request for Authorization to File Motion for Additional Discovery 37 [...]
    9. Into fashion law? Heres a call for papers for JIPLP special fashion law issue
      Tue Jan 9 13:02:00 2018
      Into fashion law? span style="font-family: Trebuchet MS, s[...]
    10. How to Avoid Letting Personal Issues Sink Your Business
      Mon Jan 8 18:59:35 2018
      As much as the business world talks about work-life balance these days, you would assume that perfect harmony between your job and your personal life would be easy to achieve. Sometimes it works out that way, but often it doesnt. If youre dealing [...]

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