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    1. INTA Brand Authenticity Conference Report 1: Building brand value via ethical and sustainable credentials
      Thu Nov 30 11:10:00 2017
      For those of us freezing away in London today, there were those a couple of degrees colder in Berlin at INTAs  Brand Authenticity Conference .    No idea what that conference is? Dont worry, the AmeriKats friend Alex Woolgar [...]
    2. Whats next for trade marks in the UK and EU? Report on JIPLPGRUR trade mark conference
      Tue Nov 28 04:57:00 2017
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    3. On the website Ripoff Report, a forum for complaints
      Thu Nov 16 22:25:00 2017
      Small Justice v. XCentric, 873 F.3d 313 CA1 2017 explores an interesting attempted use of copyright law. The beginning of the decision describes the features of "Ripoff Report." Xcentric operates a website called the Ripoff Report. The websites[...]
    4. Event report: The private copying exception and the compensation of harm in a dematerialised environment
      Wed Nov 15 11:06:00 2017
      On the 16 th span style="background-color: transparent; color: black; font-style: normal; font-weight: 700; text-decoration: none; vertical-align: baseline; white-[...]
    5. AIPPI Congress Report 14: GUI Goo for Chewy Chewing
      Tue Oct 31 15:17:00 2017
      The AmeriKat chewing over[...]
    6. What future for UK copyright after Brexit? Report on IPKat-BLACA panel discussion
      Mon Oct 30 06:54:00 2017
      span style="font-family: "trebuchet ms" , san[...]
    7. AIPPI Congress Report 13: The Business of IP: Big Data, Big Issues
      Sat Oct 21 11:55:00 2017
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    8. AIPPI Congress Report 12: Sparkling wine corks pop as AIPPI passes resolution on geographical indications
      Sat Oct 21 11:37:00 2017
      The AmeriKat g[...]
    9. AIPPI Congress Report 11: Whats the technical problem?
      Wed Oct 18 19:42:00 2017
      td class="tr-caption" s[...]
    10. AIPPI Congress Report 10: Digital Health
      Wed Oct 18 19:33:00 2017

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