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    1. How to Choose Inventory Management Software and Why It Matters
      Tue Sep 26 19:19:04 2017
      If you plan on managing the storage and shipment of products for your business in any capacity, youre going to need an inventory management systemand preferably one driven by software. The problem is, there are hundreds of inventory management pla[...]
    2. Presentation to Akron Inventors Club September 14, 2017.
      Mon Sep 11 17:29:59 2017
      The Akron Inventors Club is hosting a seminar on Intellectual Property Law for Business and Entrepreneurs on Thursday, September 14, 2017. SPEAKER: Registered Patent Attorney Jacob Jake Ward will talk about the importance of Patents for the inde[...]
    3. Patent reform is critical to protecting American inventors - The Hill blog
      Mon Aug 28 09:39:49 2017
      The Hill blog [...]
    4. The Benefits of Inventory Management with CMMS Software
      Tue Aug 15 17:48:08 2017
      Computerized Maintenance Management Software CMMS can help improve efficiency of maintenance departments of all sizes. In a nutshell, it prevents the occurrence of maintenance issues that lead to costly repairs. This puts emphasis where it belongs[...]
    5. US Falls from 1st to 10th in Patent System Strength - Inventors Digest
      Tue Aug 15 09:20:03 2017
      Inventors Digest td valign="top" class[...]
    6. The High Tech Inventors Alliance: The newest institution of the efficient infringer lobby in DC -
      Sun Jul 16 10:04:29 2017 [...]
    7. Hatch: Patent Venue Reform Likely - Inventors Digest - Inventors Digest
      Thu Jun 8 17:01:51 2017
      Inventors Digest td vali[...]
    8. Hatch: Patent Venue Reform Likely - Inventors Digest
      Thu Jun 8 17:01:51 2017
      Inventors Digest td vali[...]
    9. In memoriam: Adolph Kiefer, Olympic gold medalist, innovator and inventor extraordinaire
      Wed May 17 02:35:00 2017
      In bringing sports and IP together, there are few stories more notable than that of Adolph Kiefer, who combined athletic excellence with later distinction in innovation and invention. As [...]
    10. Patent maintenance fees can be a burden to the small inventor; the case of Catherine Hettinger and the fidget spinner
      Sat May 6 12:24:00 2017
      Note the text from US News on Catherine Hettinger, the inventor of the fidget spinner : As the fidget spinner craze spreads through schools and toy stores, its Florida-based creator hasnt seen a penny of profit decades after inventing the gadget.[...]

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