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    1. Is the German press publishers right lawful? More details on the CJEU reference
      Mon Oct 2 03:57:00 2017
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    2. AG Szpunar advises CJEU on cloud-based recording and private copying exception
      Thu Sep 7 16:14:00 2017
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    3. Recent Articles on the CJEUs Judgment in Genentech v. Hoechst
      Wed Aug 30 10:47:00 2017
      In July 2016 the Court of Justice for the European Union CJEU issued its judgment in Genentech Inc. v. Hoechst GmbH , Case C-56714 available here , stating that "Article 1011 TFEU must be interpreted as not precluding the imposition[...]
    4. BREAKING: BGH asks CJEU what a quotation is: only unaltered reproductions or also something else?
      Thu Jul 27 06:36:00 2017
    5. What can the possible implications of the CJEU Pirate Bay decision be? A new paper
      Sat Jul 22 07:03:00 2017
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    6. Sky v SkyKick - no CJEU reference re removal of own name defence to EUTMs
      Mon Jul 17 00:30:00 2017
    7. New CJEU reference ... asking whether InfoSoc Directive envisages digital exhaustion
      Fri Jul 14 01:31:00 2017
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    8. AG Szpunar advises CJEU to rule that a red sole may not be just a colour
      Fri Jun 23 02:20:00 2017
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    9. BREAKING: CJEU says that site like The Pirate Bay makes acts of communication to the public
      Wed Jun 14 02:56:00 2017
    10. BREAKING: German courts make two very important copyright references to the CJEU
      Thu Jun 1 08:11:00 2017
      This morning the span style="background[...]

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