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    1. MetaTrader 5 Outshines MetaTrader 4 Hands Down
      Tue Aug 29 21:50:57 2017
      MetaTrader 5 is a fairly new, diversified trading software for various kinds of trade, including foreign exchange Forex and stocks. It offers a set of high-grade tools that include wide-ranging price analyses, trading advisers, and copy trading. I[...]
    2. Internships: 3 Reasons Why Your MBA Is Incomplete Without One
      Thu Aug 10 17:56:49 2017
      Perhaps, on your way to owning your own business, youre studying for a masters degree in business, an MBA. Consider that an internship with your MBA program can be critical to your success. Internships can help you to see where you need to make chan[...]
    3. Turn to SMS for Both Routine Tasks and Irresistible Marketing Solutions
      Wed Aug 9 19:02:24 2017
      Business has always been a matter of intelligence. Free up your creativity and curiosity by using SMS to take care of your routine tasks. And give your marketing a boost, too, by adding SMS to your marketing plans. The post Turn to SMS for Both R[...]
    4. The challenge of protecting a database without a sui generis right, this time from Singapore
      Tue Aug 1 02:42:00 2017
      Protection of databases continues to remain a legal challenge across jurisdictions. Kat friends Lau Kok Keng , Nicholas Lauw and Jiamin Leow collectively report on how the Singapore Court of Appeal has addressed this issue in a recent decisi[...]
    5. CREATe Summer Summit 2017: Open Science, Open Culture & the Global South and everything between
      Thu Jul 27 06:53:00 2017
      Former Intern Kat Eleanor Wilson attended the CREATes inaugural seminar on the issue of openness in science, culture, and everything between. The relevancy of the topics considered warrant publishing Eleanors summary of the event. IPKat read[...]
    6. EPO takes an about turn on the patentability of products obtained by essentially biological processes
      Wed Jul 26 06:16:00 2017
      The [...]
    7. Roses and Thorns: Outside-of-the-Box House Decorating Tips
      Wed Jul 19 05:46:31 2017
      Whether youre staging a home for sale or house decorating for enjoyment, there are lots of ways to incorporate flowers in the process; the skys the limit. If you want to set the beautifying process of the various rooms in your house in motion but do[...]
    8. Outsourcing as plagiarism?
      Thu Jul 13 14:53:00 2017
      From a post about cheating at University College Cork Ireland: Students from the business information systems course are alleged to have outsourced key aspects of a final-year project which involved computer coding, according to college sourc[...]
    9. New Papers on on FRAND, SEPs, Holdup & Holdout, Part 3
      Wed Jun 21 10:10:00 2017
      1.  Igor Nikolic has posted a paper on ssrn titled Alternative Remedies for Standard Essential Patents Disputes .  Here is a link to the paper, and here is the abstract: The possibility to seek and obtain injunctions for the infringem[...]
    10. New Papers on on FRAND, SEPs, Holdup & Holdout, Part 2
      Mon Jun 19 10:11:00 2017
      1.  Bowman Heiden and Nicolas Petit have posted an article on ssrn titled Patent Trespass and the Royalty Gap:  Exploring the Nature and Impact of Patent Holdout .  Here is a link to the paper, and here is the abstract: This paper[...]

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