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    1. Beijing High Courts Revised Guidelines for Patent Infringement Determination
      Mon Jul 24 21:50:00 2017
      And here , courtesy of Jill Ge, is a link to an English-language translation available from China Patent Agent H.K. Ltd. of the Beijing High Courts 2017 Guidelines for Patent Infringement Determination.  Articles 149 to 153 are the provisi[...]
    2. Judge Newman dissent on construction of claim terms with a plain and ordinary meaning
      Fri Jul 21 14:05:00 2017
      In Nobelbiz, the CAFC reversed ED Texas on claim construction: Global Connect, L.L.C. and T C N, Inc. collectively, the Defendants appeal from a jury verdict finding they infringed U.S. Patent Nos. 8,135,122 and 8,565,399. Because the district [...]
    3. Wolfing down those veggies: its a matter of the right descriptive term
      Wed Jun 21 04:02:00 2017
      Ask a trademark attorney about descriptive marks, and she will tell you that they are ineffective as a source indicator. As such, descriptive marks usually give rise to one of tw[...]
    4. CAFC in Medicines v. Mylan. Claim term limited to the sole portion of the specification that adequately discloses term
      Thu Apr 6 15:35:00 2017
      The initial text of the decision in The Medicines Company v. Mylan LEXIS cite: 2017 U.S. App. LEXIS 5947 : The Medicines Company Medicines is the owner of U.S. Patent Nos. 7,582,727 the 727 patent and 7,598,343 the 343 patent. [...]
    5. Conference report: Online platforms and intermediaries in copyright law
      Sat Apr 1 10:54:00 2017
      img border="0" height="360" src="" wid[...]
    6. JRC Report on the Licensing Terms of SEPs
      Mon Feb 6 10:08:00 2017
      Ive now had a chance to read through the Joint Research Centre JRC Science for Policy Report titled Licensing Terms of Standard Essential Patents:  A Comprehensive Analysis of Cases , which I mentioned on this blog last month here .&n[...]
    7. CAFC affirms D. Utahs invalidity determination in 3Form v. Lumicor
      Fri Feb 3 19:26:00 2017
      Of interest in 3Form v. Lumicor : The district court adopted its construction despite the parties largely agreeing to a different one. Specifically, 3form proposed that unnatural appearing conformation means the appearance of an object when i[...]
    8. JRC Report on the Licensing Terms of SEPs
      Tue Jan 17 16:54:00 2017
      The Joint Research Centre JRC, " the European Commissions science and knowledge service , " has just published a report titled Licensing Terms of Standard Essential Patents:  A Comprehespan style="font-family: "georgia" , &q[...]
    9. Intermediary IP injunctions: what are the EU implications of the UK experience?
      Thu Dec 29 11:07:00 2016
      td class="tr-caption" style="text-align: cent[...]
    10. Terminating a Post-Grant Proceeding By Settlement Before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board Has Decided the Merits - JD Supra press release
      Fri Dec 16 08:39:01 2016
      JD Supra press release [...]

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