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    1. BREAKING: Eli Lilly success as UK Supreme Court finds Actavis products directly and indirectly infringe pemetrexed patent
      Fri Jul 7 06:10:00 2017
      td class="tr-caption" style="text-align[...]
    2. From Around the Blogs: More Commentary on Impression Products v. Lexmark
      Wed May 31 09:04:00 2017
      As a follow-up to my posts yesterday on the U.S. Supreme Courts decision in Impression Products v. Lexmark , I thought I would refer readers to some interesting blog posts that have been published since yesterday in addition to Jason Rantanens on [...]
    3. Observations on Impression Products v. Lexmark
      Tue May 30 14:23:00 2017
      This mornings opinion in Impression Products, Inc. v. Lexmark International, Inc. does not, directly, have anything to do with patent remedies, but the issues at stake are such important ones that I would be remiss not to say at least a few word[...]
    4. Big Data, products & processes: being a German patentee in the era of the Rezeptortyrosinkinase decisions
      Wed May 24 12:39:00 2017
      The IPKat trying to put his paw on which of the data m[...]
    5. BREAKING: High Court grants declaration that products obviousanticipated at claimed priority dates
      Fri Mar 3 07:24:00 2017
      The High Court has granted declarations to FKB and SB to the effect that their products lacked novelty or an inventive step at a particular date - Fujifilm Kyowa Kirin Biologics Company Limited and Samsung Bioepsis UK Limi[...]
    6. Hostess products with Mars components
      Wed Dec 28 19:32:00 2016
      Hostess is marketing some product comprising product of Mars, and displays this fact on the front outside packaging. BakingBusiness reported in July 2016 : The new products were developed through a licensing partnership between Hostess and Mar[...]
    7. EPO bows to EU Commission on patentability of products of essentially biological processes
      Tue Dec 20 07:34:00 2016
      This Kat is grateful to his colleague Andrew Sharples , head of  practice group EIP Life , for preparing this report of recent news from the European Patent Office about the patentability of products of essentially biological processes.[...]
    8. NEAT certified products get sedentary users moving
      Tue Nov 22 08:59:27 2016
      There are a growing number of products and devices designed to improve the health of those who are sedentary. Those who have desk jobs or have disabilities and must sit for long periods of time can face health risks. A few years ago, the Mayo Clinic [...]
    9. Do Crowdsourced Products Sell Better When Theyre Marketed That Way?
      Tue Nov 8 16:17:18 2016
      As more and more companies leverage crowdsourcing to market and sell their products, Harvard Business Review wanted to know if customers would be more eager to buy if they knew folks like themselves helped come up with the innovation or marketing: We[...]
    10. DDE excludes settlement agreements; allows licenses as a check; addresses apportionment of accused products & services
      Thu Aug 25 12:18:07 2016
      The District of Delaware, in ARTCom Innovation GMBH v. Google Inc., Case No. 14-217-RGA Judge Richard G. Andrews April 28, 2016, considered several motions related to royalty calculations. In a previous blog post, we addressed the motion for rec[...]

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