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    1. Ward Law Office helps inventors obtain patents, trademarks
      Tue Apr 4 14:06:18 2017
      Originally posted on Seneca Success : Meet registered patent attorney Jake Ward and his staff at Ward Law Office LLC. Jake works alongside his wife and Business Manager, Kristi; Office Manager, Jenn; and Associate Attorney, AJ, in their office on t[...]
    2. Evaluating the value of patents; a lesson from baseball?
      Sat Jan 14 06:38:00 2017
      From time to time, the use of forward patent citation numbers to evaluate the value of a patent arises, and IPBiz points out the errors of this approach. In baseball, the value of players involved in a trade is frequently debated. 2017 marks the fi[...]
    3. Drug patents, lemmings, and urban legends
      Tue Jan 3 08:34:00 2017
      A post in medcitynews, titled Drug patents expiring in 2017? Its all smoke and mirrors , has within the beginning text: Once upon a time, reporters could definitively track down what drug patents would expire in a given year. Like lemmings, t[...]
    4. "The Avengers" offered a view of the value of patents, circa 1965
      Mon Dec 19 15:13:00 2016
      Some critics of the patent system argue that the "right to exclude" is not needed because the true innovator will dominate the market simply by skill. In the episode of the television show The Avengers captioned "The Cybernauts," actor Burt Kwouk[...]
    5. Clinton v. Trump on copyrights and patents: Reading the platform ... - Ars Technica UK
      Sun Nov 6 09:08:53 2016
      font size[...]
    6. Clinton v. Trump on copyrights and patents: Reading the platform and the tea leaves - Ars Technica UK
      Sun Nov 6 09:08:53 2016
      font size[...]
    7. Will the USPTOs Patents 4 Patients Program Even Make It Off the "Cancer Moonshot" Launch Pad?
      Tue Jul 5 22:37:58 2016
      By: Robert R. Sachs &0160; The White House recently announced the Cancer Moonshot Task Force , an effort to focus on making the most of Federal inv[...]
    8. Are you building a pile of patentsor a portfolio?
      Tue Sep 2 10:18:53 2014
      Patent everything is not a viable strategy for building a defensible portfolio of intellectual property assets. Organizations that adopt this approach will eventually be forced to reconcile the appetite for large numbers of application[...]
    9. PatentScope Adds Canadian National Collection
      Thu Dec 19 11:10:00 2013
      Normal 0 false false false EN-CA X-NONE X-NONE w:EnableOpen[...]
    10. New: FreePatentsOnline Adds DE Patent Data, Other Resources
      Fri Sep 14 15:23:00 2012
      FreePatentsOnline has updated its interface and added some new resources. One of the most interesting developments is the addition of German patent data. Other new features include blogs, a version of the MPEP and a case law database containing Fed[...]

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