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    1. Parallel imports are permitted--unless they are not: the case of SAMSONITE in Singapore
      Tue Mar 7 04:39:00 2017
      Kat friends Lau Kok Keng and Nicholas Lauw , partners, and Jiamin Leow, associate, of Rajah & Tann, share their thoughts on a recent trademark decision in Singapore regarding the thorny matter of when parallel importation may not be allowe[...]
    2. "Kit Kat" finger shape marks: this time in Singapore
      Thu Mar 2 08:47:00 2017
      The Singapore Court of Appeal in Societe Des Produits Nestl SA and anor v Petra Foods Limited and anor 2016 SGCA 64 recently affirmed a previous High Court decision that Nestls two-finger and four-finger shape marks th[...]
    3. Self-driving taxis hit Singapore
      Fri Aug 19 11:53:44 2016
      Starting on this week, residents of Singapore can hail a self-driving car as a taxi, thanks to Its brought to U.S.-based nuTonomy by Renault Zoe and Mitsubishi. The new i-Miev taxis use an invite-only app. The trial will offer riders a commute[...]
    4. Dysfunctional Competition, the Knowing-Doing Gap, and Sears Holdings
      Wed Aug 21 16:56:30 2013
      A compelling and instructive story on Sears Holdings appeared in BusinessWeek last month -- they own Sears stores, Kmart, Lands End and a host of other brands such as Craftsman tools, Kenmore appliances, and DieHard batteries. It is written by...[...]

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