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    1. The Fundamental Components of a Car Sharing Business
      Sun Feb 11 20:30:27 2018
      Car sharing is hot right now. In fact, the car sharing business is so hot that many car manufacturers are afraid that the traditional model of car ownership is about to collapse. Between 2010 and 2015, the total annual revenue for car sharing busine[...]
    2. CBS Sunday Morning on 28 Jan 2018: maybe file-sharing isnt so bad for artists
      Sun Jan 28 11:26:00 2018
      In an interview with Mark Phillips, Ed Sheeran did not come out against music file sharing. Sheeran pointed out file sharing benefited Sheerans early career, allowing him to make a name for himself. Also of IP interest, the use of holograms of dea[...]
    3. Letter from AmeriKat: Trade secrets long arms, NDAs go bust and sharing of passwords
      Sun Oct 22 13:02:00 2017
      td class="tr-caption" style="text-align: center[...]
    4. TILTing Perspectives 2017 Second Part: Digital exhaustion and Music-file sharing
      Tue Aug 15 14:57:00 2017
      Get ready for the second part of this Kittens report! The first part online enforcement and black box tinkering , can be reviewed here .  Exhaustion of Copyright in Digital Objects div style="text-align: cente[...]
    5. Future of farming in India depends on innovation, knowledge sharing
      Wed Apr 26 17:54:09 2017
      I came across a great article from The Times of India, that I thought Id pass along about the inspiration behind innovative farming. The author describes how the white fly disease affected cotton and forced him to take up research work. From [...]

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