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    1. US District Court of Delaware rules against Merck in case related to hepatitis C drugs Sovaldi and Harvoni
      Sun Feb 18 10:52:00 2018
      On 16 February 2018, U.S. District Judge Leonard Stark of D. Delaware overturned a 2.54 billion jury verdict against Gilead and instead ruled that Mercks patent, asserted against hepatitis C drugs Sovaldi and Harvoni, was invalid. Of past events,[...]
    2. Never too late: if you missed the IPKat last week!
      Fri Feb 16 02:45:00 2018
      What happened last week on IPKat week ending 11 February 2018? It is never too late to find out! Serendipitously coinciding with New York Fashion Week, IPKat had news of the latest opinion on the Louboutin shoes trademark, analysis of a Ralp[...]
    3. Damages opinion related to FRAND excluded due to lack of supporting evidence
      Wed Feb 14 09:45:31 2018
      Authored by: Liz Ranks The Eastern District of Texas, Tyler Division, Magistrate Judge K. Nicole Mitchell presiding, in Network-1 Techs., Inc. v. Alcatel-Lucent USA, Inc.,1 Civil Action 6:11-cv-492-RWS-KNM E.D.TX Sept. 21, 2017 granted-in-part Pl[...]
    4. Never Too Late: if you missed the IPKat last week!
      Mon Feb 12 08:27:00 2018
      Missed last weeks IP highlights from around the globe? Do not worry, the 181st edition of Never Too Late comes to the rescue! img border[...]
    5. Never Too Late: if you missed the IPKat last week!
      Thu Feb 1 06:41:00 2018
      Did you have a busy week with no time to catch on the latest IP news? Not to worry, the 180th edition of Never Too Late is out to bring you up to speed! EPO revokes CRISPR [...]
    6. Smith & Nephew largely loses appeal at CAFC related to Reciprocating rotary arthroscopic surgical instrument
      Wed Jan 31 19:13:00 2018
      Claims of a Smith & Nephew patent were at issue in re-examination 95001,933. Of interest was that a later-appearing independent claim was found to be anticipated, while an earlier claim was merely found obvious. Smith & Nephew did prevail on an "a[...]
    7. European patent loss for Forward Pharma related to MS fumarate drug
      Mon Jan 29 21:07:00 2018
      SeekingAlpha reports a European patent decision related to the MS drug Tecfidera relevant ingredient dimethyl fumarate: The European Patent Office has revoked Forward Pharma ASs EP 2801355 patent 355 patent following challenges from several [...]
    8. Its Not Too Late to Plan a Top-Notch Digital Marketing Strategy for 2018
      Wed Jan 24 20:39:18 2018
      Although were barreling toward the end of the first quarter of the year, its not too late to plan a top-notch digital marketing strategy for 2018. Keep in mind that a gd digital marketing trtg will rtult ur business goals, describe th [...]
    9. 5 Profitable Automobile-Related Business Ideas
      Sun Jan 21 18:47:52 2018
      Starting your own automobile-related business is extremely profitable. And thats because automobiles, like people, will always need maintenance and repairs. If youre short of ideas on which sector to start in, here are a few ideas worth considerin[...]
    10. CAFC finds that CD Cal failed to provide a full and fair opportunity to ventilate the issues.
      Thu Jan 18 16:27:00 2018
      The opinion begins Defendant Zinus, Inc., appeals from a summary judgment entered in favor of plaintiff Cap Export, LLC, and third-party defendants Abraham Amouyal and 4Moda Corp. collectively, Cap Export by the United States District Court f[...]

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