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    1. Happy National Inventors Day 2018!
      Sun Feb 11 12:18:43 2018
      Per Wikipedia: In recognition of the enormous contribution inventors make to the nation and the world, the Congress, pursuant to Senate Joint Resolution 140 Public Law 97 198, has designated February 11, the anniversary of the birth of the [...]
    2. Presenting on Intellectual Property Law to the Inventors Association of Metropolitan Detroit February 15, 2018.
      Sat Feb 10 15:21:04 2018
      Originally posted on Anticipate This! &124; Patent and Trademark Law Blog : The Inventors Association is a non-for-profit association established to educate inventors of all levels to navigate through the inventing process. In addition to being [...]
    3. Inventors: Exclusive interview with seminal 1960s computer isionary Doug Engelbart --hes still here and looking for funding
      Thu Dec 21 03:56:09 2017
      Mr Engelbart and his teams of researchers at the Stanford Research Institute SRI shaped the look and feel of the PC, as John Markoff chronicles in his latest book What the Dormouse Said: How the Sixties Counterculture Shaped the Personal Computer I[...]
    4. Inventors: Ecologist, LCD inventor win Kyoto Prizes
      Wed Dec 20 05:47:22 2017
      Two American scientists and an Austrian conductor won this years Kyoto Prizes, the Japanese awards for achievement in the arts and sciences.[...]
    5. Tax Reform will Harm Inventors, High Tech Start-ups -
      Thu Nov 30 07:15:19 2017 td valign="t[...]
    6. Patent reform is critical to protecting American inventors - The Hill blog
      Mon Aug 28 09:39:49 2017
      The Hill blog [...]
    7. US Falls from 1st to 10th in Patent System Strength - Inventors Digest
      Tue Aug 15 09:20:03 2017
      Inventors Digest td valign="top" class[...]
    8. The High Tech Inventors Alliance: The newest institution of the efficient infringer lobby in DC -
      Sun Jul 16 10:04:29 2017 [...]
    9. Hatch: Patent Venue Reform Likely - Inventors Digest - Inventors Digest
      Thu Jun 8 17:01:51 2017
      Inventors Digest td vali[...]
    10. Hatch: Patent Venue Reform Likely - Inventors Digest
      Thu Jun 8 17:01:51 2017
      Inventors Digest td vali[...]

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