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    1. Quirky: Traits innovators share
      Wed Dec 6 08:58:00 2017
      Thanks to my blog, and hopefully the insights I share here, Im often asked to review books about innovation and innovators.  Recently I was asked to review a book entitled Quirky .  The subtitle is:  The Remarkable Story of the Traits[...]
    2. Innovators will win with seamless experiences
      Wed Feb 15 08:43:00 2017
      Ive written before, both on this blog and on the blog I share with Paul Hobcraft about platforms and ecosystems about the need for seamless experiences.  Innovators often create technologies or products, which have interesting capabilities o[...]
    3. Why platforms and ecosystems matter for innovators
      Thu Dec 1 09:52:00 2016
      You may know that Paul Hobcraft and I are collaborating on a new blog entitled Ecosystems for Innovating where we focus on the emerging importance of platforms and ecosystems for innovation.  Weve been exploring the idea that increasingly inno[...]

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