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    1. Patent reform and innovation - Washington Times
      Thu Feb 15 20:45:53 2018
      Washington Times [...]
    2. Innovation Depth makes the Difference
      Wed Feb 14 07:17:00 2018
      Ive been thinking about innovation for a while now, trying to puzzle out why some organizations seem to be able to innovate almost effortlessly while others are more sporadic or face significant innovation challenges.  At some moments in my care[...]
    3. Will big data solve the innovation gap?
      Mon Feb 12 08:00:00 2018
      For many companies, I think there is a relatively significant gap between what they actually generate as compelling new products and what they wish they generated.  We could call this the "innovation gap".  The gap is real, and it means tha[...]
    4. Expecting or Reacting to innovation
      Tue Jan 30 07:30:00 2018
      Im a bit mystified this morning, mystified by the fact that so many people I interact with are constantly talking about innovation, and how often they are surprised by it or overtaken by events.  The word innovation seems to be on everyones lips[...]
    5. The Changing Nature of Innovation Funding Is Affecting R&D Tax Credits
      Mon Jan 29 07:04:11 2018
      The United Kingdom faces a productivity conundrum. Once one of the most powerful economies on the planet, the UK has seen its productivity and economic growth lag behind global peers in recent decades. A government report in 2015 pointed out that la[...]
    6. Securing Innovation
      Fri Jan 26 10:50:50 2018
      Originally posted 2010-12-09 16:52:11. Republished by Blog Post PromoterWow, have you seen this? SECURING INNOVATION &124; The Business Blog of about Managing Intellectual Property, ... [...]
    7. Why we should expect more disruptive innovations
      Tue Jan 23 08:24:00 2018
      Ive used the example of Tower Records before - a behemoth astride the recording industry - brought low very quickly by a sudden shift in music distribution. The shift from physical media to digital media, and the shift from albums to songs as t[...]
    8. Why you should work with an innovation consultant
      Fri Jan 19 08:50:00 2018
      OK, here comes the pitch.  Im an innovation consultant.  Ive been working in the innovation space for over 12 years.  I have a somewhat cough vested interest in writing a blog post about why you should work with an innovation consult[...]
    9. Innovation Gift Giving
      Tue Dec 19 09:57:00 2017
      We find ourselves near the end of another fruitful, eventful year, here at December 19, 2017.  All eyes turn toward the holidays actually, the merchandising happened in October and the Christmas muzak started in early November it seems.  [...]
    10. Trump Econ Adviser Says Tax Bill Can Spur Innovation - Law360 - Law360
      Wed Dec 13 15:23:46 2017
      Trump Econ Adviser Says[...]

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