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    1. Liability for Willful Infringement Without Knowledge of the Patent Prior to Suit?
      Wed Feb 14 12:38:00 2018
      On occasion I have posed the question whether, in the wake of the U.S. Supreme Courts decision in Halo , the trier of fact may find that the defendant willfully infringed if the defendant 1 lacked actual knowledge of the patent at the time the in[...]
    2. A legislative initative that merits attention: Mandatory mediation in Greece in trademark, patent and industrial designs infringement disputes
      Tue Jan 30 03:46:00 2018
      Kat friend Dr. Marina Perraki summarizes the interesting legislative initiative in Greece to make mediation mandatory with respect to a wide spectrum of IP disputes. The discussion about mandatory mediation in Greece has been crystalized in [...]
    3. Copyright infringement case over The Rest of Our Life
      Sat Jan 20 12:22:00 2018
      The Independent discusses a recent copyright infringement case involving the song The Rest of Our Life. Of note in the text: Carey and Golden filed a lawsuit in New York last week accusing Sheeran and his co-writers of wilful copyright infri[...]
    4. Shenzhen Court Enters Injunction Against Samsung for Infringement of Huawei SEPs
      Thu Jan 11 08:26:00 2018
      I just learned that the Intermediate Peoples Court in Shenzhen, China has awarded Huawei an injunction against the infringement of two Huawei SEPs.  Hat tip to Yijun Ge.  Here is a link to what I understand is the courts official WeCha[...]
    5. More on virtual infringement
      Tue Nov 28 10:52:18 2017
      Originally posted 2013-01-13 22:41:32. Republished by Blog Post PromoterIve already written about what theyre writing about it, and now, so has Victoria Pynchon.[...]
    6. Damages awarded for the loss of opportunity to commercialise photographs following infringement
      Wed Nov 22 10:09:00 2017
      The Paris Tribunal Tribunal de Grande Instance recently handed down a decision on the copyright infringement of a photographers work by the fashion textile company Renoma. The judgment is consistent with the recent jurisprudence on the question[...]
    7. Linking in the US: is an embedded tweet an infringement of the public display right?
      Fri Nov 3 11:16:00 2017
      img border="0" data-original-height="326" data-original-width="220" height="320" src="[...]
    8. From Around the Blogs: Willful Infringement, Design Patent Damages, FRAND in India
      Fri Sep 29 10:35:00 2017
      1.  JD Wooten has an interesting post this morning on the IP Watchdog Blog titled Willful Infringment, Opinion Letters, and Post-Halo Trends .  The post includes not only discussion of some recent district court opinions addressing th[...]
    9. No casecontroversy in US for threats of infringement made outside US on non-US patents
      Thu Sep 14 15:10:00 2017
      In Allied Mineral, 2017 U.S. App. LEXIS 17667, the CAFC addressed DJs in view of a threat of litigation from a foreign patent, From the decision: All of Stellars conduct has been directed towards Allieds customers Ferro and Pyrotek, unrelated [...]
    10. That special something that says infringement
      Tue Sep 5 09:09:20 2017
      Originally posted 2010-12-13 15:16:24. Republished by Blog Post PromoterPaul Alan Levy sends along this heartwarming news about the Jenzabar case: In aruling this week, a Massachusetts trial judge upheld the...[...]

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