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    1. Game Inventions: Pittsburgh inventor gets kick out of new game
      Thu Nov 23 21:56:27 2017
      Rob DeMoss never thought that kicking a bowl with Disney characters on it with his 2-year-old son would lead to the invention of a new game. The Menallen Township man is the inventor of Kick Hockey, a combination of soccer and hockey, and is showing [...]
    2. Inventors: Ecologist, LCD inventor win Kyoto Prizes
      Thu Nov 23 19:39:28 2017
      Two American scientists and an Austrian conductor won this years Kyoto Prizes, the Japanese awards for achievement in the arts and sciences.[...]
    3. Patents: A pioneers new products help readers who are blind or dyslexic.
      Thu Nov 23 03:19:02 2017
      He revolutionized the way that many blind people read when he invented a machine that scanned printed material and read it aloud, and when Ray Kurzweil sold the device to Xerox for 6 million, he could have retired and lived comfortably off the proce[...]
    4. Sir Robin Jacob calls for System 2 thinking for patent law
      Thu Nov 23 02:13:00 2017
      img border="0" data-original-height="900" data-original-width="1600" height="180" src="" width=[...]
    5. Thursday Thingies
      Thu Nov 23 00:00:00 2017
      LecturerSenior Lecturer vacancy. The Faculty of Law of the University of East Anglia is looking for a LecturerSenior Lecturer in Competition Law and Intellectual Property. Applicants for Senior Lecturer should hold a Ph.D. in Law or equiv[...]
    6. Patents: Madison Inventor Wins Court Dispute
      Wed Nov 22 11:40:53 2017
      Inventor Warren Gilson created the adjustable, handheld pipette in Madison in 1972. The jury in U-S District Court ruled that Rainin Instrument Company of Oakland, California, breached its contract as the exclusive distributor of pipettes manufacture[...]
    7. Damages awarded for the loss of opportunity to commercialise photographs following infringement
      Wed Nov 22 10:09:00 2017
      The Paris Tribunal Tribunal de Grande Instance recently handed down a decision on the copyright infringement of a photographers work by the fashion textile company Renoma. The judgment is consistent with the recent jurisprudence on the question[...]
    8. Supreme Court will determine the fate of patent death squads - Yahoo Finance
      Wed Nov 22 09:49:12 2017
      Yahoo Finance [...]
    9. Supreme Court will determine the fate of patent death squads - Yahoo News
      Wed Nov 22 09:49:07 2017
      Yahoo News [...]
    10. CBS "Sunday Morning" food episode on 19 Nov 2017 had some IP themes
      Tue Nov 21 21:19:00 2017
      As to patents The Naxon bean cooker was the predecessor to the crock pot. Sunday Morning noted: Irving Naxons electric bean cooker, the Beanery, was inspired by his Lithuanian Jewish mothers stories of her childhood. "On Friday afternoons, as [...]

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