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    1. Inventors: Ecologist, LCD inventor win Kyoto Prizes
      Thu Sep 21 21:58:14 2017
      Two American scientists and an Austrian conductor won this years Kyoto Prizes, the Japanese awards for achievement in the arts and sciences.[...]
    2. Patents: New inventor has doorstop cats love
      Thu Sep 21 21:09:07 2017
      Van Vliets glass sucking plastic starfish is a locking device that allows sliding glass doors and windows to open for pets or ventilation while preventing intruder entry. Van Vliet will be appearing on QVC shopping network in August.[...]
    3. Patents: Madison Inventor Wins Court Dispute
      Thu Sep 21 17:57:02 2017
      Inventor Warren Gilson created the adjustable, handheld pipette in Madison in 1972. The jury in U-S District Court ruled that Rainin Instrument Company of Oakland, California, breached its contract as the exclusive distributor of pipettes manufacture[...]
    4. Surviving Alice with an Appeal
      Thu Sep 21 11:00:31 2017
      By Mark Nowotarski This third article in the Surviving Alice series 1 examines how the USPTOs Patent Trial and Appeal Board has responded to the U.S. Supreme Courts June 2014 Alice decision 2 .&0160; It also shows how applicants [...]
    5. Life as an IP Lawyer: Washington, D.C.
      Thu Sep 21 07:06:00 2017
      The AmeriKats professional life, be it on the Kat or sat at her desk litigating her hours away , involves a huge amount of coordination, support and opposition with lawyers from all over the world. One of the IPKats key objectives is to bring this g[...]
    6. Furie-ous creator of Pepe the Frog determined to use copyright to get his green creation back
      Thu Sep 21 03:00:00 2017
      img border="0" data-original-height="771" data-original-width="600" height="320" src="[...]
    7. CAFC discusses inurement in NFC case
      Wed Sep 20 19:45:00 2017
      The CAFC noted in NFC v. Matal, 2017 U.S. App. LEXIS 18164 We note that the foregoing analysis assumes that conception is relevant under the present circumstances. Our cases that the Board read as establishing that proof of conception is releva[...]
    8. Patents: Guatemalan Inventor has his idea nicked by Microsoft
      Wed Sep 20 14:20:29 2017
      A federal jury in California has awarded an inventor a nearly 9 million judgment in a patent infringement lawsuit against Microsoft. The 1994 patent was for software linking the companys Excel spreadsheet and Access database programs.[...]
    9. These 4 Emotions Lead to Investing Mistakes
      Wed Sep 20 03:51:46 2017
      Theres often little logic in the movements of the market, and it can be easy to make investing mistakes. This is because stocks move at the whim of human beings, who can often be illogical and driven by emotions. Plenty of technical and fundamental[...]
    10. Book Review: : Marketing and Advertising Law in a Process of Harmonisation
      Wed Sep 20 03:48:00 2017
      Readers keen on marketing a[...]

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