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    1. CBS Sunday Morning on 28 Jan 2018: maybe file-sharing isnt so bad for artists
      Sun Jan 28 11:26:00 2018
      In an interview with Mark Phillips, Ed Sheeran did not come out against music file sharing. Sheeran pointed out file sharing benefited Sheerans early career, allowing him to make a name for himself. Also of IP interest, the use of holograms of dea[...]
    2. Should Your Small Business File Bankruptcy?
      Mon Oct 16 03:31:53 2017
      If cash flow is low and youre struggling to make ends meet, youve probably considered bankruptcy. Although the notion of bankruptcy sounds scary and like it might spell the end for your small business, thats not always the case. Understanding the[...]
    3. Of bloggers, 47 USC 230c2, and failure to file briefs
      Fri Sep 1 10:55:00 2017
      Eric Goldmans post Blogger Isnt Liable for Anonymous CommentsGriffith v. Wall discussed 47 USC 230c2. In the case before the Court of Appeals, Merlene Wall is the appellee a public figure bringing a defamation case against a blogger, a[...]
    4. TILTing Perspectives 2017 Second Part: Digital exhaustion and Music-file sharing
      Tue Aug 15 14:57:00 2017
      Get ready for the second part of this Kittens report! The first part online enforcement and black box tinkering , can be reviewed here .  Exhaustion of Copyright in Digital Objects div style="text-align: cente[...]
    5. 5 Steps to Building a Robust Business Credit Profile
      Sun Jun 11 20:44:48 2017
      This is the best time in history for starting and running a small business, as governments and private lenders are letting people borrow money for the most part at the best interest rates anyone has ever seen. All thats left to you is to make sure [...]
    6. CAFC reverses ED Texas and finds "for" award of attorneys fees; "this suit should never have been filed"
      Mon Jun 5 11:27:00 2017
      Defendant-appellant ADS prevailed at the CAFC, with an ED Tx decision against attorneys fees REVERSED and remanded. The review was under an "abuse of discretion" standard, of which the CAFC noted: An abuse of discretion occurs when, inter alia, [...]
    7. Whirlpool files Supreme Court Amicus Supporting Kraft Foods in TC Heartland case -
      Wed Mar 8 16:36:24 2017 td[...]
    8. FTC Files Antitrust Complaint Against Qualcomm
      Tue Jan 17 21:58:00 2017
      . . . and while on the subject of SEPs and FRAND see todays other post below, I should note in addition that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission FTC voted earlier today to file a complaint in federal district court, accusing Qualcomm of unfair m[...]
    9. USPTO files application for extension of time for cert in In re Tam UPDATED
      Mon Dec 26 14:38:10 2016
      Originally posted 2016-03-09 17:40:23. Republished by Blog Post PromoterThis post has been updated considerably to reflect related events, which were reported elsewhere, including this thorough rundown at the World Trademark...[...]
    10. USPTO First To File Roadshows
      Tue Sep 23 10:03:31 2014
      Via this USPTO webpage: The USPTO will be hosting seven half-day roadshows across the country during September-October 2014 to increase the understanding of the First Inventor to File FITF provisions of the America Invents Act AIA. In prosecuting[...]

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