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    1. US District Court of Delaware rules against Merck in case related to hepatitis C drugs Sovaldi and Harvoni
      Sun Feb 18 10:52:00 2018
      On 16 February 2018, U.S. District Judge Leonard Stark of D. Delaware overturned a 2.54 billion jury verdict against Gilead and instead ruled that Mercks patent, asserted against hepatitis C drugs Sovaldi and Harvoni, was invalid. Of past events,[...]
    2. No privacy by default? German court finds Facebook in breach of data protection law
      Thu Feb 15 06:33:00 2018
      Facebook has suffered a setback in a court case between the Federation of German Consumer Organisations Verbraucherzentrale Bundesverband - vzbv and the social network. div style="tex[...]
    3. Stockholm Administrative Court orders ISP to provide customers details to Swedish police
      Wed Feb 14 09:02:00 2018
      Over time Swedish internet service provider ISP Bahnhof has dismissed several requests for disclosure of customers data, making it a matter of principle to protect the privacy of its users. div style="text-align: justi[...]
    4. Can public morals prevent the use of religious symbols and motifs in advertising? No, says the European Court of Human Rights
      Wed Jan 31 14:04:00 2018
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    5. Is a circular logo for coffee confusingly similar to the Starbucks one? Yes, says the General Court
      Sun Jan 28 10:05:00 2018
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    6. Fractured decision in Arthrex. Judge Newman in dissent writes: This is a distortion of a carefully worded regulation, and changes its meaning. However, a court is not free to disregard requirements simply because it considers them redundant or unsuited to achieving the general purpose in a particular case. C.I.R. v. Gordon, 391 U.S. 83, 93 1968.
      Wed Jan 24 12:22:00 2018
      The outcome: In a pending inter partes review proceeding IPR before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board the Board, Arthrex, Inc. disclaimed all claims that were the subject of the petition. The disclaimer occurred before the Board issued a[...]
    7. Blocking injunctions and their costs: some details of the forthcoming Supreme Court round of Cartier
      Wed Jan 24 06:37:00 2018
    8. Swedish Patents and Market Court of Appeal requests CJEU to clarify notion of shape, or another characteristic, which gives substantial value to the goods
      Thu Jan 18 05:51:00 2018
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    9. Swedish Supreme Court confirms that domain names constitute property that can be seized by the state
      Sat Jan 13 01:51:00 2018
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    10. U.S. Supreme Court Grants Cert in WesternGeco
      Fri Jan 12 15:29:00 2018
      The case is WesternGeco LLC v. ION Geophysical Corp ., No. 16-1011, and here is the question presented:  "Whether the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit erred in holding that lost profits arising from prohibited combinations occurri[...]

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