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    1. Losing on Summary Judgment Doesnt Make a Case "Exceptional" for Purposes of Fee Award
      Thu Jan 11 12:38:00 2018
      Dennis Crouch has already blogged about this mornings nonprecedential opinion in Honeywell Intl Inc. v. Fujifilm Corp. , and the opinion itself is only five pages long, so I wont take much space discussing it here.  Basically, Honeywell as[...]
    2. Mixed result in Finjan case
      Wed Jan 10 20:36:00 2018
      The outcome: A jury found Blue Coat Systems, Inc. Blue Coat liable for infringement of four patents owned by Finjan, Inc. Finjan and awarded approximately 39.5 million in reasonable royalty damages. After trial, the district court conclu[...]
    3. Apotex prevails at the CAFC in case about extended release dosage forms of cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride
      Fri Jan 5 09:32:00 2018
      The decision of Judge Robinson of D. Delaware in APTALIS v. Apotex was vacated : In this Hatch-Waxman case, Apotex Inc. and Apotex Corp. appeal from the district courts claim construction of extended release coating and its finding that Apotex[...]
    4. Everlight prevails against Nichia at CAFC in LED case
      Fri Jan 5 09:15:00 2018
      Everlight brought a declaratory judgment suit against Nichia seeking a determination of non-infringement, invalidity, or unenforceability of U.S. Patent Nos. 5,998,925 the 925 patent and 7,531,960 the 960 patent together, the Patents-in-Sui[...]
    5. The Millennium case was a popular blog topic in 2017
      Wed Jan 3 17:19:00 2018
      The National Law Review NLR reviewed its top five IP blog posts for 2017; number five related to Millennium v. Sandoz, of which IPBiz had written MILLENNIUM PHARMACEUTICALS scores win at CAFC in 446 Velcade case; Judge Newman explicates[...]
    6. Judge Newmans dissent in MicrosoftBiscotti case
      Thu Dec 28 16:44:00 2017
      Judge Newmans dissent in Microsoft v. Biscotti begins: I respectfully dissent. The Kenoyer reference describes the same invention that is claimed in claims 6 and 69, the only claims of Biscottis 182 patent that are reviewed by the court. These c[...]
    7. An odd event in a retraction case
      Thu Dec 21 13:34:00 2017
      A post in Retraction Watch titled Author wins judgment against Elsevier in lawsuit over retraction describes an interesting event, wherein a publisher was required to publish part of a court decision from Spain, not the US in the context of a [...]
    8. GenzymeReddys case on "how much" it takes for a suggestion to have a reasonable expectation of success
      Tue Dec 19 17:13:00 2017
      The post Hypothesis alone Does not Make the Results Obvious on the GenzymeReddys case has some interesting comments, including one which states: Seems like the correct decision. The determination that there was an apparent reason to modif[...]
    9. Appellant Tropp prevails at CAFC in Travel Sentry case
      Tue Dec 19 16:40:00 2017
      The appellant Tropp prevailed, causing a summary judgment decision to be vacated: Accordingly, we vacate the district courts entry of summary judgment of noninfringement in favor of Travel Sentry and its licensees and remand for further procee[...]
    10. Linking for profit, technical means and burden of proof - German BGH applies CJEU case law to Googles Image Search
      Mon Dec 18 02:10:00 2017
      div class="MsoNormal" style="line-height: normal; margin[...]

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