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    1. 4 Tips on Creating Solid Brand Awareness in Canada
      Tue Sep 12 21:07:38 2017
      Are you looking to start up a business, but have no idea how to go about creating the brand awareness to actually promote it? Brand awareness is important because its often the first step in building advertising objectives, so those who have nobra[...]
    2. Record Patent Damages Award in Canada
      Mon Jul 10 16:41:00 2017
      At least, Im reasonably sure this is a record.  The case is Dow v. Nova , and I mentioned the trial courts April 19 opinion here just a couple of weeks ago.  The court didnt set the amount of the award at that time, however, but rather [...]
    3. Recovery of Attorneys Fees and Costs in Canada
      Mon May 8 10:18:00 2017
      Aside from my February 13 post on Apotex Inc. v. ADIR , 2017 FCA 23 Feb. 2, 2017, and a very brief mention one month later of Airbus Helicopters S.A.S. v. Bell Helicopter Texteron Canada Limit , I havent been reporting as promptly as I [...]
    4. Canadas Federal Court of Appeal Reaffirms Relevance of Noninfringing Alternatives
      Mon Feb 13 10:05:00 2017
      The decision is Apotex Inc. v. ADIR , 2017 FCA 23 Feb. 2, 2017.  Norman Siebrasse, who brought the case to my attention, has two more comprehensive write-ups on Sufficient Description, here and here .  The basic story is that in 20[...]
    5. Thinking Of Opening A Business In Canada? Here Is What You Need To Know
      Sun Jan 8 21:03:15 2017
      Thinking of Opening a Business In Canada? Here is What You Need to Know: One of the best ways to improve is to observe others. The African Small To Medium Business landscape is still heavily underdeveloped in comparison to the North American one. We [...]
    6. From Around the Blogs: Lost Profits in China, Accountings of Profits in Canada, and Reasonable Royalties in the U.S.
      Thu Dec 15 10:19:00 2016
      1. On the the China IPR Blog, Mark Cohen published a short post earlier this week on Watchdata v. Hengbao , a recent patent infringement case against fifteen banks in which the Beijng IP Court awarded 50,000,000 RMB--which comes to about U.S.7[...]
    7. Canadas new approach to diagnostic practices prompts division at CIPO
      Wed Nov 2 06:30:00 2016
      In Canada, the situation has become dire for many patent applications pertaining to diagnostics.  In June 2015, the Canadian Intellectual Property Office CIPO released the latest in a series of Practice Notices pertaining to its new approach[...]
    8. From Around the Blogs: "Inexorable Flow" in the U.S., Nominal Damages in Canada?, and More
      Wed Oct 26 12:31:00 2016
      1.  On the Patent Damages blog, there have been two posts in recent weeks here and here discussing  district court cases on the "inexorable flow" doctrine, under which if the doctrine exists a parent or licensor can recover damages[...]

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