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    1. Around the IP blogs!
      Mon Feb 12 04:51:00 2018
      Whats happening around the IP blogs? Your handy weekly summary is here! This week we have analysis of some of the AIAs less known provisions, comments on the new EU naughty list for IP infringers and analysis of the recent CJEU preliminary rulin[...]
    2. From Around the Blogs
      Fri Feb 9 10:13:00 2018
      1.  The U.S. Supreme Courts decision to grant cert in WesternGeco LLC v. ION Geophysical Corp ., No. 16-1011, a case I have discussed several times previously see, e.g., here , has been the subject of some recent blog commentaries in add[...]
    3. Around the IP Blogs!
      Mon Feb 5 12:47:00 2018
      A lot has happened across the IP blogs in the past week. IP Kat is here to guide you through this maze and help you catch up on the highlights. Please join a sance of IP knowledge and fur-joyment! Trade Marks span styl[...]
    4. Around the IP Blogs!
      Wed Jan 17 13:39:00 2018
      As the January blues have seriously started to kick in, the IPKat is in search of some excitement around the IP blogland. Stay warm and cozy, Kat friends! img border="0" data-original-height="1064" data-original-width="1600" height="212[...]
    5. Drafting Around the Entire Market Value, Part 2?
      Mon Jan 15 08:58:00 2018
      Nearly three years ago I published a post titled Drafting Around the Entire Market Value Rule? , in which I wrote: Over at the Patent Damages blog, Chris Marchese published an interesting a href="http:patent-damages.com201411[...]
    6. From Around the Blogs: Willful Infringement, Design Patent Damages, FRAND in India
      Fri Sep 29 10:35:00 2017
      1.  JD Wooten has an interesting post this morning on the IP Watchdog Blog titled Willful Infringment, Opinion Letters, and Post-Halo Trends .  The post includes not only discussion of some recent district court opinions addressing th[...]
    7. Around the IP blogs
      Sat Sep 23 08:59:00 2017
      MARQUES CLASS 46 Trade Marks Jeremy Phillips receives Goldring Award a href="https:1.bp.b[...]
    8. Around the IP Blogs
      Sun Sep 3 12:54:00 2017
      As usual, here is the IPKats overview of news reported Around the IP Blogs! This weeks Copycat part one and part two of the 1709 Blog, brings us a polyhedric collection of copyright issues, among others, Eminem suing a political party fo[...]
    9. Around the IP blogs
      Fri Jul 28 03:48:00 2017
      Feeling festive? Come to the MARQUES sub-forum! MARQUES is participating in the China Trademark Festival 2017, where we are conducting a Sub-Forum.  span style="font-family: "tr[...]
    10. From Around the Blogs This Morning: Infringers Profits in the U.S., FRAND in Japan
      Thu Jul 27 10:07:00 2017
      1.  On the IP Watchdog Blog this morning, Mark Pedigo has posted an article titled Infringer Profits in Design Patent Cases .  Mr. Pedigo discusses the two-part test the U.S. Supreme Court came up with in Samsung v. Apple , and how the[...]

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