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Thu Feb 23

Supreme Court ruling may end patent cases in Eastern District courts - Southeast Texas Record [PATENT]
Southeast Texas RecordSupreme Court ruling may end patent cases in Eastern District courtsSoutheast Texas RecordWhat makes this case different, explained Charles Duan, Director of the Patent Reform Project at Public Knowledge, is the argument being presented by John Duffy, a University of Virginia Law Professor and patent law expert representing T.C. Heartland.and more> [...]

Thu Feb 23

Inventors: Ecologist, LCD inventor win Kyoto Prizes [INVENTOR]
Two American scientists and an Austrian conductor won this years Kyoto Prizes, the Japanese awards for achievement in the arts and sciences. [...]

Thu Feb 23

The History of Bitcoin in Numbers [NUMBERS]
Developed by an unidentified programmer under the name Satoshi Nakamoto and introduced in 2009, Bitcoin was the first decentralized digital currency and has endured a tumultuous inception into the mainstream over the majority of the last decade. [...]

Thu Feb 23

Larouche & Zingales on Injunctive Relief in EU FRAND Disputes
Comparativepatentremedies [LAROUCHE]
Pierre Larouche and Nicolo Zingales have posted a paper on ssrn titled Injunctive Relief in FRAND Disputes in the EU--Intellectual Property and Competition Law at the Remedies Stage. Here is a link to the paper, and here is the abstract:In dealing with applications for injunctive relief by the holders of FRAND-encumbered SEPs in the course of protracted licensing negotiations, any legal system faces the challenge of reaching the proper balance between predictability for stakeholders and differe [...]

Thu Feb 23

Explore the latest developments in open innovation, collaboration & industry partnerships [COLLABORATION]
I want to share with you an open invitation to join me at the Texas Open Innovation Conference in March! Check out this video welcome message by Christina Robinson, Chief Strategy Officer – Research & Innovation, LSC-University Park: The event is March 28 and 29 in Houston. You can expect: 200+ attendees 20+ sessions and [...]

Wed Feb 22

R.I.P. Kenneth Arrow
Comparativepatentremedies [ARROW]
Kenneth Arrow, recipient of the 1972 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, has died at the age of 95. Heres a link to his obituary in the New York Times. He was one of the truly great minds of our era, and his contributions to economics, including but certainly not limited to the economics of intellectual property, will be long remembered. [...]

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